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Run, jump, and slide to greatness in this run for glory. Be prepared to face all manner of similar looking obstacles; but fear not there is always a way around. In addition, split-screen gameplay allows up to two players to play competitively or non-competitively.

The track is built procedurally at runtime and will differ from one playthrough to another. One constant that will activate after a certain time period each playthrough, as long as hardcore is left at disabled, is a sudden difficulty adjustment that occurs after a certain amount of time has passed. Generally, this includes removing powerups and limiting the maximum amount of lives the player can have.

The player character can even be customized with many different colors, hats, and accessories. Some of the hats even support using custom textures. The accessories currently supported mostly are various types of glasses, monocle, or moustache. What's more is that using the form provided under the support link in the links section at the bottom you could suggest new items or features. Any bugs or other issues can also be reported via this form.

Currently there are three different split-screen game modes to choose from, including: sandbox, elimination, and challenge mode. 

Sandbox is for non-competitive gameplay.

Elimination challenges the players to see which can run farther before being eliminated.

Challenge mode is a fairly unique mode that technically only features gameplay for one player. This is because one player will be responsible for building the track and placing obstacles and other objects down as the other runs through. The goal is simple: the player running has to make it until time runs out, the other player does everything in their power to trip the runner and make them fail.  

If you want to request a new feature, report a bug, or vote on OS compatibility; then head on over to the form on the following page: https://nonamethe2.github.io/Portfolio/projects/main/UserFeedback.html


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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