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This is exactly what it looks like, Caravan but in Java. And the rules are different, but also the same; but not really. The original version was made as a class project, however I have continued to modify and grow the project into what it is now. I have some planned additions that I intend to add.

I did alter some many rules so I would advise to also download the rulebook I created to go along side the game. The rulebook contains a guide to gameplay with an explanation of the GUI. 

I originally designed this game with two players in mind, but I refactored it to make it possible for one player to play against a basic AI I designed for this project.

Graphics and sounds used are public domain.

I marked it as only being Windows compatible due to my limited ability to test this for other platforms but it should work as long as you have a JRE installed. This was made with Java 8. 

GenreCard Game, Strategy
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

This was made with Java 8 so if it doesn't work make sure the JRE is installed.


Rulebook.pdf 817 kB
Cavalcade.jar 2 MB

Development log

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